Bio: I am striving to learn everyday on ways to improve my mind, body and soul. I am very compassionate on helping others achieve the same goals. I have been on my journey for 8 months now after a rude awaking realizing everything that I have been told was just that .I have been told to believe the information and what I have been told has not been the truth but to benefit the powers to be . Everyday, I seek truth and learn something new and I love sharing information and experiences with others in hopes to plant a seed to and let god do the watering. I enjoy learning from others as well, I like to keep an open mind so that I may look at all of the possibilities. Discernment is a big challenge in today's world and to dig for the truth can be quit the task. I am passionate about my savior Jesus Christ and want very deeply to do his will . Thank you ,Jesus for every experience good and bad so that I may learn.

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